Old School Dinners

An evening of Food, Drink and Entertainment

The Head Master of Linnet Clough Grammar School cordially invites you to attend the Speachless Day Dinner.  Held in the Grand Hall or as the young scallywags call it “The Norlog,” once the seat of the of King of the Clough and the venue of many a medival banquet.  The Speachless Day Dinner is a Fundraiser for the International Study Programe known as a Jamboree which a number of the youngsters and staff are attending next year.

The evening consists of our fine school dinner, all three courses, well as long as you eat your mains, no puddings without a clean plate!  Entertainment from the Masters and of course a rendition of the school song.  There may even be time for some dancing once the formalities are concluded.  The Head Master will be providing some drinks for all in attendance and the PTA will be running a raffle.

If you would like to make enquires please feel free to email info@linnetclough.org.uk

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