Zip Line and High Ropes on the Activity Tower

The Activity Tower offers plenty of opportunity for both personal and team development.  Working collaboratively to reach the top of the Jacobs Ladder or stand on your high tower of crates develops communication and trust amongst participants.  These activities really stretch your problem solving skills and achieved much more easily when people work together.

The Leap of Faith and Zip Line are high adrenaline, personal challenges.  Showing grit and resilience to grasp the trapeze as you leap from the Wobble Pole or enjoying the ride as you fly along the treetops over the campers below, participants will learn that they can face fear and control it.

Restrictions apply:

Maximum group size: 10
Minimum Age of participants: 8 years
Maximum weight: 18st/120kg
Minimum size: No specific size but participants must safely fit harnesses


This activity is unable to run in High Winds, Lighting Strikes and certain Snowy conditions.  Instructors will make decisions on the day
Medical conditions:



We would advise that people suffering from conditions affecting their back/neck/spine seek medical advice before booking.  Please discuss any medical conditions with the instructor.
Please note:     Participants must act in a safe responsible manner during the activity; Instructors reserve the right to refuse access to the activity to for the whole group, or part of it, if they feel that safe operation of the activity is compromised.